minimum delivery fee.

  • Orders over $100.00 are charged
    25% of the bill includes gas.
  • Johnny On The Shop will carry into your home all heavy items and groceries. JOTS will set up all items customer deems necessary for easy accessibility. This feature is recorded for liability and training purposes. All covid-19 protocols are followed strictly; no JOTS representative who has covid symptoms is permitted to work on any day. Masks and gloves are mandatory. FREE TO SENIORS AND DISABLED

BY CHECKING THIS BOX customer agrees to allow Johnny On The Shop (JOTS) representative (must be supervised by the customer) access into customers home/kitchen/ Pantry/Garage or whereever customer requires. JOTS is required to strictly follow all COVID !9 safety protocols. JOTS is not to be held financially liable in the case of anything in customers' homes that is broken or damaged during the unpacking process.

We will deliver your groceries
and will consider delivering anything else like

prescription drugs

department store

We can deliver from

We deliver to